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Milwaukee V28 set in V18 case?

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  • Milwaukee V28 set in V18 case?

    So the carrying "contractor" bag for my 2 1/2 year old Milwaukee V28 is on it's way out. I REALLY like the plastic case that the Milwaukee V18 set came in which is part# 48-55-0950

    I'm curious if anyone knows if the V28 set might fit in said case? I don't think the V28 and V18 tools and even batteries are THAT different physically in size. I would suspect that it probably fits but if it doesn't the case couldn't require too much modification to make it fit.



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    Re: Milwaukee V28 set in V18 case?

    I have the V28 set as well, and I'm pretty sure the sawzall and circ saw are sized a bit beefier and won't fit in the case. I never confirmed for sure, but if it was able to fit in a case I would assume Milwaukee would have utilized the case to begin with. Smaller footprint = less shipping costs.

    Then again, I may be assuming too much.....
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