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My R7000 is Acting Up

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  • My R7000 is Acting Up

    Hiya All,

    I need a little help with my R7000 3/8 corded drill.

    I get no response when I pull the trigger switch unless I tilt the drill to one side or the other. Then (with the switch depressed) the drill will zap to life for a second or two and then die. If I wiggle the drill from side to side I can get it to randomly start and stop.

    I replaced the trigger switch but the symptoms persist.

    Anybody out there in Rigidland have any suggestions for a little troubleshooting on this problem?


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    Re: My R7000 is Acting Up

    Check the brushes. It almost sounds like a spring broke that holds the brush against the armature letting the brush float around in its holder. This is just a guess.


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      Re: My R7000 is Acting Up

      Hiya Ray,

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      When I had the drill apart to replace the trigger assembly I did remove the brushes for inspection. All seemed well with them. But you do have me thinking.............I'll go back in and take a close look at the leads to the brushes and make sure that they are also in good shape.


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        Re: My R7000 is Acting Up

        While you are in there make sure you didn't have a wire come loose. That would also cause your issue. If the wire came loose from the terminal it might be bouncing around in there making contact when you wiggle the drill from side to side.