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Ridgid 1/2" RZ120 VS Hole Hawg

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  • Ridgid 1/2" RZ120 VS Hole Hawg


    I am doing plaster work on my own home. I have thus far mixed fairly small batches, but would like to move up to larger batches. I have a very old, but pretty tough, 4.5A Skil 80 series drill. The name plate is pretty worn, so I don't know anything else about it's speed or power. It will whip up a full bucket of Plus 3 no problem, but I started to feel like I was pushing it too hard when mixing some sanded plaster mixes.

    I am thinking about either the Ridgid RZ120 or the Hole Hawg 1650. I have no doubt in my mind that the Hole Hawg will mix anything and everything.

    The Ridgid is half the price, and I would love to save the money if I can. I can't find much in the way of reviews for the Ridgid 1/2" RZ120.

    Anyone have any idea how powerful the ridgid is? How it might compare to my 4.5A skil? How it compares to the Hole Hawg?

    Thanks very much


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    Re: Ridgid 1/2" RZ120 VS Hole Hawg

    Please check model numbers to be sure and then post again.

    For what it's worth the Milwaukee 1650 and 1650-1 are old 1/2" spade handle drills and today the model 1660-6 has replaced them. The 1660-6 would be great for mixing work. It's a real workhorse. If you can find a DeWalt DW131 and not the DW130 that is also a workhorse.

    With the above said, you may want to look for a good rebuilt heavy duty drill.

    By the way the current Milwaukee Hole Hawgs are 1675-6 for the Classic and 1680-20 for the Super Hawg. Numbers change and it's hard to keep up with them all.
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      Re: Ridgid 1/2" RZ120 VS Hole Hawg

      I have this right angle drill. Low speed, high torque. Seems that it would do the job for you. The nice part is that the right angle attachment can be removed so you have a regular 1/2" d-handle drill.


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        Re: Ridgid 1/2" RZ120 VS Hole Hawg

        I just wanted to thank you guys for the info on the drills. I think I will eventually get one of the newer Milwaukee or DeWalt drills at some point. However, I found that my old Skill was much tougher than I thought. I think I must have had too thick of a batch at first or something, because now when I mix plaster with it, it has no problem what so ever with the mixing.

        Thanks again for the suggestions and information.