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r26001 sander ... help please

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  • r26001 sander ... help please

    Hello , my sanders stop working like 3 hours ago , of course i exchange it with a new one right away . but the problem is that i use it for finishing some beams , amazing work , i used only the dust bag ... exceptional work honest all my colleges was impressed ... i start a new project sanding some patches of drywall on my ceiling and this time i used for collecting the dust the shop vac hose ... incredible two engines turned on in the same time a lot of noise but no problem with that i realized some static electricity was building in my sander something i never experienced before ; after two hours of work my sweet precious sander ... died ... like that . I read some reviews on line and i understand 1 or 2 guys had the same problem . The question is how i should prevent it ? The guys from Home Depot have no answer they said was guys encounter the problem and i should not be worried because Rigid offer life warranty . That sound cool but i want to resolve this problem somehow, not to be on the road between my house and Home Depot exchanging sanders .................... damn it the ssecond sander stop working after 2 min .... what i should do please give me some help .......

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    Re: r26001 sander ... help please

    Good morning. I just had the exact same problem. I'm on my way this morning to Home Depot to return my second sander. First one only got used about an hour total, same with the second. Have you found a solution yet? I'm considering going to the Milwaukee equal this time.
    Don't get me wrong, the Ridgid sander works great, but it has to work.


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      Re: r26001 sander ... help please

      The sanders are not meant to sand drywall. The drywall dust is abrasive, corrosive and so fine that it will clog the machine even with a vacuum attached. Eventually you will fry the vacuum as well unless you run the proper filter on it. You may be able to revive the machine by blowing it out with compressed air. If you look at the armature it is likely coated with dust breaking the contact with the brushes. BTW the lifetime warranty does not cover abuse so if you find an educated tool manager they may tell you to pound salt on the warranty claim.