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  • Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

    I have a Triton 2 1/4HP mounted in a Rockler table, and would like to get a second router for handheld and dovetail jig use.

    I have been playing around with this purchase for 6 months now, and keep changing my mind (the stupidity of THAT is pi**ing me off!)

    I can't help but wonder:

    Frequently I see sites (stores) that help narrow your choices down to some final items for consideration. Does anyone know of a site that does this with routers?

    For instance, there are 244 models available (probably not far off, which is why the "finder" would be helpful):

    The questions could be:
    *Do you intend to mount this in a table? (Now down to 118 choices)
    *Do you need a 1/2" or 1/4" collet? (Now down to 56 choices)
    *Do you want variable speed? (Now down to 22 choices)
    *Do you like D-Handle style? (Now down to 4 choices)

    Yadda, yadda, yadda..... eventually finding your way down to a single, few, or "best match" choices.

    Anyone know of anything like that for routers? Coincidentally, I know several other people that are in the same exact situation, and find the number of choices dizzying.

    I'll probably get a PC 690LRVS. If I don't , I'm gonna build that freakin' website!
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    Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

    I don't know of such a chart, but I will suggest taking a good hard look at the Milwaukee 5615 with BodyGrip. If you want/need VS, look at the 5616. While I think the 690 is a fine router, I think more highly of the MW than any other for hand use. For hand use, I've had the MW5615, PC 690, Bosch 1617, Hitachi M12VC, Freud FT1700, and an older Craftsman.


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      Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

      I 2nd that milwakee.

      For hand use it just doesn't get much better.


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        Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

        I have the DeWalt 618 (actually... I have three of them now... but that's another story..) I have one in my main table, another in my other table, and another for handheld use. I am totally satisfied with the router's function in all three capacities. The 2 1/4 hp has taken on everything I throw at in a table. So it would more than suffice for any tasks you should be doing hand-held.

        I prefer using the D-handle over the fixed or plunge bases. It just feels more comfortable and controlled, especially (IMO) for use with a dovetail jig. I use the plunge base only when plunging is the main need (e.g. routing mortises for floating tenons).


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          Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

          I have a DW618VS in my table and a mid 90's PC 690 for free hand work fixed and plunge(rock solid).


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            Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

            the dec., 2008 issue of woodworker's journal published an article with a buyer's guide covering 88 routers. it's a guide to everything from full-sized through mid-size to trim routers, including router combo kits. article starts on page 80.
            there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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              Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

              Son of a ......(!)

              I even HAVE that issue! Not sitting right on my desk or anything, but I was able to find it! Thank you...!!

              Now, the bad news: It states in the article that they have "more on the web" including a chart that lets you narrow down your choices based on desired features. Unfortunately, I went to the website, and it's no longer there... It doesn't say why....


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                Re: Router Comparison Chart / Finder?

                Guys Guys there is only ONE router and thats Porter-Cable that should narrow your list quit a bit.