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TS3660 Herc-U-Lift

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  • TS3660 Herc-U-Lift

    I bought a TS3660 about two weeks ago and was in the process of setting it up today.

    At the time of purchase I was told by the Sales Manager at Home Depot I was getting a new model with redesigned legs. At the time I was okay with this, however it appears I may have received a newer model with redesigned legs ... but, unfortunately the Herc-U-Lift is not at all aligned with the leg brackets.

    The holes on the Herc-U-Lift tubes are about 1/2" wider than the holes in the leg brackets ... and this is both for the Lower and Upper Section of the assembly (see attached pic).

    Is anyone else having this issue ... as there is no way I can assemble the Herc-U-Lift?


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    Re: TS3660 Herc-U-Lift

    That larger hole is what allows the movement necessary for the assembly to engage and disengage. With a washer in the proper place the larger hole will allow for movement without allowing the nut to penetrate the hole.

    Only tighten the nut flush with the end of the bolt. This allows for the movement needed also.

    Also, don't tighten the other bolts until the entire thing is assembled and lined up like you want.