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Help me to identify the KIT

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  • Help me to identify the KIT

    I need help to identify this KIT:

    This Kit Includes:
    R840011 Drill Driver, R842301 impact driver, R840091 single
    port charger, (2) 1300m Ah batteries, (1) double ended
    screwdriver bit, (1) single ended impact driver bit,
    operator’s manual and heavy duty contractor bag
    Is it really Ridgid product KIT or self-packed by seller?
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    Re: Help me to identify the KIT

    i bought that kit i believe around a year ago, so it is a real kit. whether or not it is still available i don't know as i havent seen it in the home depot by here since i bought mine.

    the kit number is R966
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      Re: Help me to identify the KIT

      Correct R966. I bought the kit when it was on clearance for $135 about a year ago. I just couldn't leave it there for that price. The batteries are NiCd.

      I like it, and the smaller batteries are just right for the tools. Batteries charge in about 20 minutes.

      I think you will only be able to register for the LSA if you buy from an authorized seller (Home Depot).


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        Re: Help me to identify the KIT

        When I Googled the number it looks like Home Depot in Canada was selling them out at $99.

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          Re: Help me to identify the KIT

          In order to calculate delivery cost to my country, I need information about dimensions and weight of KIT box. The seller keep silence about it and because of it I have not yet decided- it is profitable for me to buy this KIT or not.


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            Re: Help me to identify the KIT

            This is just a guess, but the box dimensions are probably about 18x12x6 inches, and the weight is probably somewhere around 12 to 15 lbs.

            If you estimate the drill and the impact, with batteries, are about 5 lbs each, add the charger (very light), bag and box, and it should be under 15 lbs.