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RDGID 4511 vs delta 36-980

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  • RDGID 4511 vs delta 36-980

    one of the westchester,ny HDs has a 4511 set up for display. across the street, the local western tool supply has a delta 36-980 ( now, the 4511 wasn't "set-up" for cutting material, but the fence looked to be properly set up. and i gotta tell ya that, given a choice between the t2 fence on the 36-980 adn the 4511, i am sorry to say the ridgid came in second best in my opinion. it wasn't nearly as smooth or well finished as the t2. the front tube on teh 4511 was smaller and it wasn't powder coated like the t2.

    additionally, has anyone who owns a 4511 or a 4516 noticed the the anti-kickback pawls seem to scratch the table surface? the 4511 seems to have protective pads of some kind, but i didn't see any similar item on the 4516.

    any owners of either of the ridgid saws care to chime in? were the ridgid display saws missing something that i am not aware of? i am an ardent ridgid fan and, frankly, was surprised that the delta with the t2 fence was as good as it appeared to be. given a choice between the 4511 and the 36-980, the ones i saw today seemed to indicate that the 36-980 was worth the 10% premium relative to the 4511. any thoughts out there? just looking for constructive discussion regarding two saws at similar price points.
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    Re: RDGID 4511 vs delta 36-980

    The 4516 only gets scrathed if you put the anti-kickback on when the saw is set up for non-through cuts. If you set it up right the anti-kickback will hit the skid plate on the throat insert. It explains it in the manual; unfortunitly, me, and many others didn't read that until after we scratched our saws


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      Re: RDGID 4511 vs delta 36-980

      IMHO, the Delta T2 fence is superior to what's on the Ridgid R4511. I wish Ridgid had followed suit on the fence, but it is only one aspect of the saw, and the fence on the R4511 seems to be more than fact, many owners really like the fence on the 4511. The fences do have a similar design, but the T2 is a more elegant design and is a bit more robust. Both can be adjusted to the do the job well.

      Most of the other design advantages go to the R4511....hybrid design with the motor inside the enclosure vs the motor hanging out the back, improved dust collection, smaller footprint, 50% more mass, cabinet mounted trunnions vs table mounted, a one-piece cast arbor carriage vs the connecting rods, large handwheels, riving knife, serpentine belt, Herculift. Keep in mind that the R4511 is a "first edition" of their hybrid....I think they did many things well with it, but there are some opportunities. The "R4511-V2" has promise!

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