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home depot problem!

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  • home depot problem!

    On they have a 18v Lithium ion hammerdrill kit for half price, dropping from $299 to $149.

    Went down to Home Depot today to pick one up, and on the shelf its, not the lithium ion kit, its a 2.5ah ni-cad battery kit. I understand that they are probably trying to get rid of the ni-cad kits to make room for lithium kits, and $149 for a lithium kit is to much of a price drop. Was so excited to pick up 2 batteries for only $20 more dollars than a single battery would cost, plus a drill and charger, but they pulled a quick one on me.

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    Re: home depot problem!

    Your store was just out of the X3 lithium version of this kit. Nobody pulled a fast one, the lithium kit is available at $149 IF you can find one in stock at a store. The SKU is/was(?) the same, as I purchased multiple kits during the big Ridgid tool sale in late Feb/early March.

    My store didn't get a lot of the X3 drill kits, yet I was glad to get what I could at that price. You might want to try other stores in your area.

    The X3 5 piece kit was $399 at that time and I grabbed a bunch of them as well. I notice the kit on the website now priced at $569!

    Sold out some extras and ended up with some free batts, impact, and two of those funky X3 lanterns that take a CFL bulb.

    Now just waiting for the next sale............
    I'm on "The List" and I love it!!