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  • Dust from Mitre Saw

    Hi all. I'm a newby to woodworking so I will have alot of questions in the future. I know I will get the much needed help here.
    My first question is about my mitre saw. I recently bought a Rigid 12 inch sliding compound mitre saw. The problem is the dust. All the dust goes out behind the saw and all over my workshop. None of the dust goes up into the collection bag. There is no blockage leading to the bag. I tried rigging up my shop vac to back of the saw and that helps a bit, but not much. Is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong. I don't mind cleaning but this dust gets everwhere and into everything. I would appreciate any help.

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    Re: Dust from Mitre Saw

    with out a dust collection system there is not a lot one can do,

    I have radial arm saw up against a wall and it hits the wall and falls behind, I have put up a thin sheet of material and some edges and a box under to help capture the saw dust, it get the big stuff, the fines still fly around, I think some one made a stand with that a plastic trash bag could hook up to,

    here is for a dust collection system,

    here is the unit with the dust bag and stand, that I remember seeing In the shop I would make some thing that works the same, and save some money, if it was me, unless one wants the fold up features.

    make the catch box and set it on a trash can, or make it so you can attach a trash bag under it to catch the dust, the one I saw was a home made hood and a bag attached under it, I think it was only about 6" deep, for space savings,

    to do a test or a cheap unit use a cardboard box and some duct tape and make a test unit to see what will work for you,
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