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Table Saw Decision!!

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  • Table Saw Decision!!

    I recently purchased a TS2410LS and I love the saw. Most importantly I love the fence. I bought it mainly because at the time I got a great deal on it and it was the best TS for the money.
    Well today I was visiting with the store manager at my local HD and he was telling me that since I just purchased it, he could work it out that I can return it and get the r4511 granite top model as an even exchange with the ultimate power deal this weekend.

    Here I am with a good TS but a portable one none the less. I really like this saw but the r4511 could be one that I am using 20 years from now.
    I have read reviews of the saw and I like it ALOT!! I have the room for it and that granite top sure does look pretty!

    My question(s) for the group are about the top and the fence. The floor model fence looks like junk. When you slide it, it is loose as can be and does not appear to be accurate. I did not measure anything in store as I have learned from previous purchases that floor models are not the best thing to judge off of. Will my boxed version be any better or is this just a flaw in this saw? My TS2410LS fence moves perfectly on the front and rear rail in unison. That is what drew me to that saw, should the r4511 be the same?

    The second question is on the granite top. For those who have had it a while, do you regret purchasing a granite top? Does it chip or crack easily? Does it have much maintenance-finishing/waxing? Does the miter guage seem like it could break the granite top if accidentaly hit the wrong way?

    I need to let him know by Thursday morning, so any advice would be greatly appreciated?

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    Re: Table Saw Decision!!

    The R4511 appears to be in a class up from the TS2410....different leagues really. Owners of the saw seem to think the fence is good. Even if every single aspect isn't a step up, it's big step up overall and I'd do it in a heartbeat for even money.