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  • Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming


    I recently bought a used Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer. I'm using 2" 18 gauge porter cable brad nails (the only 2" brad nails my home depot sells). My problem is that every single time my strip of nails runs down to the last 7 or so nails the nailer jams. Its easy enough to clear out but its very annoying and usually I have to throw away those last 7 nails or so since the nailer will not function with them in the magazine even with a full strip loaded behind them.

    Is it the nails that are doing it to me? Or did I buy a bum nailer?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming

    you try oiling it?


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      Re: Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming

      Actually not yet, it was my understanding this was an "oil-free" nailer though I should have realized that just referred to the more internal mechanisms and didn't apply to the magazine. I'll give that a try.


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        Re: Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming

        cool some spray oil on the workings should do... umm try and stay away from the WD40 though it has the tendency to eat the seals and O-Rings.

        Let us know how you made out.


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          Re: Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming

          I believe this is a no oil type tool. so oil at your own risk!

          Regarding the nails....

          1. ensure the strip of nails are clean! often out of the box they may have small debris and
          oil on them. This can be enough to cause jamming. Always wipe the nail strip clean
          before using. To save time I simply wipe down a box of nail strips when new and then
          when I need them I just grab and go.

          2. the tool has what they call "dry-fire lockout" page 15 in the operating manual:
          "when the magazine is almost empty of nails the dry-fire lockout feature will not allow
          continued operation. To continue operation reload the tool with nails."

          3. Clean the magazine! check for debris! Do not use WD-40 or similar. Take a clean lint
          free towel and use a drop or two of tool oil and wipe down the magazine.

          Have you tried a different size nail say..1" long to determine if you have the same anomaly?

          Have you varied the depth adjustment? What air pressure are you using? These adjustments also effect the nailer's performance.

          I have used all sizes from 5/8 to 2" and when I get to 4-7 nails the gun does not fire. I add a new strip and continue. I am able to use the 4-7 nails without any challenge! But you must be sure the new strip aligns with the remaining nails or you will have a jam!

          Let us know what your solution is...

          Cactus Man


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            Re: Ridigd Brad Nailer Jaming

            Just an FYI. when senco came out with there oiless guns they would constantly jam once you oiled them they worked like they shood. go figure. now i only buy and use bostitch guns. you can always find nails for them.