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Woot, New tool, great price.... (craigslist)

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  • Woot, New tool, great price.... (craigslist)

    This is my first item from Craigslist, that I have bought.
    I have always seen good deals, just I never jumped on them (I don't know why??).

    Anyhow, picked up a DeWalt DW682K Plate Joiner (biscuit cutter).
    Great price, for a brand new item. 60.00 (normally they go for 185.00 ~ 197.00 before tax)

    I use to get all my great deals on eBay, but they are hard to find good deals anymore (since eBay charges sellers so much, as well Paypal, which they own).

    I've actually quit selling on eBay, since it is hard for me to make any thing back on what I paid for.
    Example, (last item I sold on eBay) I sold a Video card, I paid 170ish after tax.
    Never used it, still in wrap, I sold it on eBay for about 158.00 (before ALL the fees) By the time I shipped the item, and looked at what was left for me, I had lost about 40.00, and the person that bought it from me really did not get a GREAT deal (yes an ok deal, but not great).
    But eBay made out real well on my hard earned money.
    And one time I had completely forgot about the charges, and had sold one of my front projectors (for about 1800.00 I had paid 2600 just 6months prior to selling it, so buyer got a great deal. But I was charged an extra 100.00 just on paypal/eBay fees., and they did nothing more than host a picture of my item)(and that 100.00 was not counting shipping, which was another 25.00)

    In the future, so others can get a good deal from the items I sell, (and I won't get raped on so called fees) I'll just sell on Craigslist.
    I have a ton of computer stuff I need to sell, as well some camera lenses, tools, etc...

    Anyhow, great deal. I'm pleased. (see pic, I was the one that opened the factory sealed box).(let me know if pic does not work, it has been a while since I've went to a hosting site)
    The fellow had bought it about a year ago, and never got around to using it. Works for me.

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