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replacing a chuck on a rigid 14.4 drill

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  • replacing a chuck on a rigid 14.4 drill

    My chuck no longer closes or opens properly. It seems jambed up, so I decide to replace it. I got the retaining screw out and put an allen wrench in the chuck, hitting it counter clockwise. The allen wrench will slowly work its way around with the help of a hammer, but the chuck never seems to loosen up. I'm not sure what to do next. It is threaded isn't it, or is it like some chucks I have worked on that were hit on to the drill peg? Then I would have to pull it off to replace it. Or...Maybe I should look into buying a drill body. Does Rigid just sell those? I have 4 packs, charger and case. Anyone with ideas on chuck removal?

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    Re: replacing a chuck on a rigid 14.4 drill

    I think you need to grab both halves of the chuck with large pliers like Channellock is famous for and try to open it up. Then insert the largest hex key (Allen Wrench) you can and force tighten it. Once done give the hex key a serious smack with a good size piece of wood. The chuck is threaded on to the spindle but is very tight. If it comes to it you may need to take the drill to a power tool repair shop as they know special ways (special sockets with hex bits and an impact wrench) to get chucks off. I'm pretty sure on eBay you can find just the drill without battery or charger if things come down to it.