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  • Miter Saw - R4121 or MS1250LZA?


    I have a question concerning Miter Saws?

    I have been looking at miters on and off for several years. I do occasional home improvement projects and seem to be regularly working on outside projects for the young 'uns or our 'mini-farm.' I was given an old Delta belt-drive 10" a while back. The fence was broken and I cannot find a replacement, so I made a simple one out of wood and only use the saw for cross-cuts.

    One of the Home Depot stores near by still had a few of the R4121 Miter Saws in stock and on clearance for $249 (originally priced at $349). After much contemplation, and being the last day of the Ultimate Power Deal, I decided to purchase one. It qualified for an additional $25 off making it $224. I went ahead and added a bench grinder and a pack of crown staples (kind of been wanting/needing both) to push it to $300.46 and get the $75 off. So essentially the bench grinder and staples were free and I still got the $25 off of the saw. I thought this was pretty good to get the 12" for only $25 more than the 10", not to mention the 'free' tools that I got with the deal.

    Here's my dilemma. The two boxes on the floor looked rough, one was open and the saw looked to be in good shape, but I found another one in the overhead with a clearance sticker on it that looked to be in good shape. This was the one that I opted for. I paid for it at the Pro Desk so that they could hold it for me. I picked it up last night, not paying much attention to the box, but when I opened it a few minutes ago, the saw looked different. The store had mislabeled this saw with the clearance sticker. This is the current model, MS1250LZA.

    I will probably go back and swap it for the one that I thought I was getting. What are the differences? I know that the R4121 bevels to the right and the left while the MS1250LZA only bevels to the right. Another difference that I noticed is that the motor is mounted different on the R4121, it appears to have a type of gear drive instead of being direct drive like the MS1250LZA. Is this a good feature?

    Any expertise and input will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Miter Saw - R4121 or MS1250LZA?

    After doing a little more research, I decided to go with the R4121 (that's the one that I thought that I was getting anyway). There were some features that I liked about this saw over the MS1250LZA:

    1) Ability to bevel in both directions - maybe not needed, but could sometimes come in handy.
    2) Greater cutting capacity (according to the RIDGID specifications for both saws).
    3) Belt drive.

    It was a little interesting explaining the situation to the Home Depot customer service representative. My receipt (Pro Desk invoice) showed that I had purchased a R4121 because the SKU was entered manually, but here I had a MS1250LZA - a $349 saw that would have been missing from their inventory.

    Anyway, they swapped the saws and now I have a brand new RIDGID R4121 Miter Saw waiting for its first job.

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      Re: Miter Saw - R4121 or MS1250LZA?

      IMHO, you did very well and should be very pleased with the 4121. i really liked that model, great features and price, making for an excellent value. i too would have pulled the trigger on one if i didn't already have a miter saw. the only aspect about it that i personally was somewhat lukewarm about is the clamping mechanism. i really like the horizontal clamping of the other ridgid miter saws; it's quick and easy to use onehanded. the vertical clamp on the 4121 just seems a bit hard to adjust with one hand. best of luck with your new saw.
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