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Compound Saw Voltage Conversion

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  • Compound Saw Voltage Conversion


    I have a Delta Rockwell 10" compound cut off saw. I wanted to convert it to 115 V from 230 V. It says on the saw:

    "This saw wired for 230 V operation. The 230 V plug tandem blade should be replaced with a 115 volt parallel blade plug for 115 volt operation."

    Does this mean all I have to do is replace the plug? Would there not be some other changes that need to be made?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Compound Saw Voltage Conversion

    The motor needs to be rewired as well. This is a simple procedure and is usually explained in the owners manual. The connections may also be listed inside the motor end cover.


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      Re: Compound Saw Voltage Conversion

      they are just cautioning one that the plug need to be changed to the correct configuration if you change the wiring going to the motor so there is not the chance that one plugs it into the wrong voltage and burn up the motor,

      (the plug type and the motor wiring needs to match)

      220 volt wired motor needs a 220 volt plug

      and if wired for 120 volt, the plug needs to be of 120 volt configuration.
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        Re: Compound Saw Voltage Conversion

        why would you want to reduce the voltage?