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Ridgid Vac with sparking motor

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  • Ridgid Vac with sparking motor

    I have a new old stock ridgid vac Model WD16650 that was given to my son as a gift. He let it set in his garage for two years before taking it out of the box. When it is turned on there are massive sparks that can be seen inside of the motor. When he called about service they told him he was out of luck as it was out of warranty. Home depot would not take it back either. This thing does not even have one spec of dust in it. They also did not tell him about the recall on this model either.
    Anyway, any electrical people out there that can trouble shoot this. Is it safe? Or will it catch on fire? Maybe I should make a video of it and put it on U-Tube.

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    Re: Ridgid Vac with sparking motor

    i thought the wd vacs had a lifetime warranty on them


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      Re: Ridgid Vac with sparking motor

      Recall info: -

      I think you should call customer service again and remind them of the recall.
      ( 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST Monday - Friday )
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