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Hot Water in Power Washer

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  • Hot Water in Power Washer

    Just got the 3000PSI at HD. Want to know how hot water can damage the Machine. I think the manual says to not use water over 104F. Thanks

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    Re: Hot Water in Power Washer

    Hot water will damage the seals in the unit. The interior seals in the pumps are lubricated with a low temperature lubricant and water over the recommended temperature will destroy the pump. Depending on the manufacturer of the pump itself, parts are just about impossible to obtain. If it's a CAT pump they are a bit easier to find, but much harder to work on than an Italian pump. You need specialized tools for either. It's one of the main reasons that hot water PW's are so much more expensive. A 3000 psi PW is usually a four stage pump and a rebuild is usually all 4 stages. The pressure regulator usually has to be rebuilt also.