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Which router for KREG router table ??

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  • Which router for KREG router table ??

    I'm Looking to buy a 2.25 h.p. router for the KREG precision portable router table. Here are a few qriteria i'm looking for. I don't need a kit (plunge and fixed base set) i have a 2 h.p. kit already. I think 2.25 is big enough because i'm not planning on throwing those huge door panel or R&S bits. Also, i'd like to use a height adjustment lever through the top. I'm looking at the TRITON mof001 or the BOSCH 1617evs, and would like to stay at the $200 range for price. And lastly veriable speed control.

    Any input or faults with these choices or others if you have any would be appreciated.

    Have limited space and budget so if i make the right choice here and can basically get 2 QUALITY tools for the price of 1. Due to the fact that the Kreg table can double as a vertical jointer when used with a quality upspiral bit. And obviously i'd have a VERY decent router table and good router.

    P.S. if anyone knows of best price and place of purchase, much appreciated

    Thanks all in advance, Al
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    Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

    I chose a Bosch 1618EVS and I love it thus far! I have several other Bosch tools and all have been quality pieces.



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      Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

      Lots of good choices. I'd add the Freud FT1700 and the Milwaukee 5616 to the list. The FT1700 has superior above table features which make it excellent in a RT. The 5616 is built like a tank.

      Also, the Hitachi M12VC is a very nice inexpensive router.


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        Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

        Thanks for the input all. I'm gonna take a look at these and read some reviews about them. I took the PC 892 off the list because a few (actually many) said they over heated much to soon and trashed the windings and bushings.

        Thanks again, Al


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          Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

          I just got the Milwaukee 5616-24 kit on Amazon after much research (I think you can get get it without the plunge base for less). I really like it a lot.

          I had considered the Porter Cable, Bosch, Makita, & Hitachi. They all got favorable reviews, but surprisingly the newer PC & Bosch had things people didn't like. The Bosch has a problem with the switch not being sealed, and then failing. Only the Hitachi had a 5 year warranty like the Milwaukee. The rest were 1 year as I recall. So I just went with the Milwaukee.

          The Milwaukee kit is nice in that it comes with two CLEAR plates (1 3/16" & the larger one), which means you can use most bushings in Dovetail Jigs without having to buy any additional adapters. I like the ergonomics as well.



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            Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

            I also want to buy KREG..the review said is very interesting.
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              Re: Which router for KREG router table ??

              I am new to woodworking (2 years). I know you said you don't need the kit, but I bought the Hitachi router a while ago building a deck. I am really impressed with Hitachi. I have had it for 2 years, this is one solid tool, imho. Again, I am a novice and only made about 4 pieces of furniture with it. They sell at Lowes for ~$200.

              Good Luck.
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                No doubts of Kreg tools, they are powerful, durable and can be used for high precision works. Here is a review


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