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Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

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  • Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

    I ended up with a brand new Autoshift Drill R86014.

    One thing I noticed different over my other Ridgid drills is that you have to pull the trigger about half way before the motor starts to turn. It doesn't seem to have an effect on being able to step through all the speeds from slow to fast but it does fatigue your finger after just a little while, and I have short fingers as it is.

    Just wondered if this is normal or a known issue on this drill? I haven't been back to Home Depot to check others, since they don't have any more on display or in the box (I bought it specifically because they are still honoring the impact driver and it helped do one of the Ultimate Power Deals).



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    Re: Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

    Hi, I also have the Autoshift drill and the trigger play is the same on mine. At first it bothered me but now i'm used to it. I wish the light on the drill would go on when you pressed the trigger to half way. I like using the light but don't want to run the drill to use it, if the light came on when you first pressed the trigger.


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      Re: Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

      It's the same way on mine, although i've only lightly used it a few times, it's already starting to lighten up. It sure is a great drill....


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        Re: Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

        OK, guess I am keeping it. Good to know it is normal.

        I always thought it would be a luxury to have 2 drills (one for drilling and one screws), but now that I have 3 (soon to be 4), I find on most projects I need them all!! How did I ever survive without 4 drills?!?

        I ended up getting the kit with 2 18V batteries, charger, and the free impact driver for $160.

        Thanks again,



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          Re: Trigger play on Autoshift Drill R86014

          I have the same drill and combo set (with impact drive).

          I'm having problems with the auto-shift switch on my drill. Once it auto switches to low speed, it never shifts back up to high. I can't even manuualy flip the switch as it stops halfway between auto & high. I wonder if it was jammed in low, so I tried reversing it and all the clutch settings. No luck.

          Have you experienced this at all?