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another planer thread

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  • another planer thread

    I walked into my local HD today and the have the Dewalt DW735 marked down to $379.00.
    I just bought the Ridgid R4330 during the Ultimate Power Deal, but I haven't opened it yet. My refund on the R4330 would be $282.00 (I bought over $1000.00 and the prorated the $300 discount over all three tools I got). Would you guys return the R4330 and get the DW735 for $100.00 more? I am suffering from analysis paralysis. The Dewalt is a top rated machine, but I keep reading about knives dulling fast and the rollers not pulling the wood through after a while. I would only be an occasional user.. I think the 2 speeds would be nice, but I don't know if I really need it. Seems a lot of folks are happy with a single speed and get good results and hardwoods. I always like to buy the best tools I can and the lower price on the DW735 has just put it in my range (they have had it marked $499.00 for quite a while and then dropped in another $120.00 to $379.00 in the last day or so. I know it won't last long and that price because they are $649.00 at the Lowe's next door).

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    Re: another planer thread

    First thing - if you do plan on buying the DeWalt, get a 10% off Lowes coupon from eBay. I buy them 10 at a time for about $5 shipped. All checkers around here know exactly what to do with them. That will save you $38 + tax right there.

    Second thing - I don't know much about planers, but both the Ridgid and DeWalt have 90 day satisfaction guarantees. If you are worried about the DeWalt being sold, buy it now, try the Ridgid first, and if the Ridgid suits your needs, return the DeWalt unopened. Otherwise, open the DeWalt and make sure you like it and return the Ridgid. Worst case, you could return both if they both weren't up to your standards.


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      Re: another planer thread

      I'd go for the DeWalt.


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        Re: another planer thread

        With regards to planers, I went from big orange to big yellow.............
        Big G