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I think my drill is frying batteries.

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  • I think my drill is frying batteries.

    Has this happened to anybody else? I got the drill from a buddy, and he wanted to toss it in the garbage because it had fried both batteries. Which is quite understandable since a 2 pack costs 130 dollars and a single battery costs 100. Regardless, I was quite happy to get it. I managed to find the 2 pack on sale, so i had a great drill ( Ridgid x2. 18v hammer drill) for cheap...or so i thought. Charged both batteries tried them on the drill, drill workd fine. tried to use it and it just stopped.....thought that perhaps the charge died. Tried the other battery, The drill worked for a minute then stopped. I smelled the batteries and they have a slight burnt smell. I'm guessing they are both shorted out. Is the drill Frying the batteries? or is it something else? The batteries perhaps?

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    Re: I think my drill is frying batteries.

    Well, if your buddy decided to scrap the drill because he "fried" both of his batteries and then you went out and bought two new batteries and then "fried" them.... my best guess would be that the batteries, themselves are NOT the problem and that this particular drill is in fact shorting the batteries! Seems like a logical conclusion to reach, and I'm sorry to hear that you spent some good money to only varify what your buddy already told you.

    But that said, the next question I'd have to ask is, "Why didn't your buddy take it in for service? Was he past his 3-year warranty? Did he figure it wasn't worth registering for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement (it's free!)? If he was under warranty, then it's just a matter of sending it to an authorized service center and they would have fixed the drill and replaced both batteries. Same fixes apply if he had registered for the LLSA!!!

    So, now what do you do. A local shop or the authorized repair center can fix it the drill for you, but you are no doubt out the cost of the batteries... if indeed they are "fried". Have you tried to recharge the batteries? (If you can, don't put them back on the drill until it gets fixed.)

    If the drill is truly shorting out the batteries, then there must be some internal short in the drill itself, it's trigger, or perhaps a shorted winding. It could be any of a number of things, that could be discovered by someone with tool repair experience.

    Sorry that I can't be more helpful,



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      Re: I think my drill is frying batteries.

      When the trigger switch goes it shorts batteries. The batteries have a fuse in them that pops. An authorized repair shop can replace the switch and i believe replace the fuse in the batteries. Usually free things are worth exactly what you pay for them, the Ridgid LSSA is one huge exception to that rule