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  • TS2424 table saw

    I was moving my table saw and had to remove the motor to fit it thru a doorway. Everything was going great until I dropped the motor and the power cord was pulled out from the motor. I have no clue which post the black and white wires go to on the motor (I see where the green ground wire goes). The Motor has 3 posts. One has a yellow wire connected to it, another has a brown wire connected to it and one post has no wires connected to it. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: TS2424 table saw

    This is my interpretation of the owner's manual

    Power Cord Black = 1
    Power Cord White = 4
    Power Cord Green = Ground Screw
    Red Motor Lead = 2
    Brown Motor Lead =3
    Yellow Motor Lead =4

    I just got rid of that saw a few days ago,
    never opened that cover during all those years
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      Re: TS2424 table saw

      Thank you very much