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blower vac fan?

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  • blower vac fan?

    I have a 16 gal. 2 in 1 blower vac model 16650
    The cheap aluminum fan has spun apart from the shaft. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement fan blade?
    Does home depot sell parts like that?

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    Re: blower vac fan?

    Originally posted by raffoboo View Post
    Does home depot sell parts like that?
    Please forgive me but you just made me spew Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

    Your best bet in finding that part would be to locate one of the Ridgid Authorized Service Centers that work on their wet/dry vacs. You can locate the one closest to you by going to and then click the Support icon at the top of the page. You'll then can narrow the list down to ones that are approved to work on wet/dry vacs as every Service Centers doesn't necessarily work on every Ridgid product. Confused yet?
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