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blower vac fan?

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  • blower vac fan?

    I have a 16 gal. 2 in 1 blower vac model 16650
    The cheap aluminum fan has spun apart from the shaft. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement fan blade?
    Does home depot sell parts like that?

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    Re: blower vac fan?

    Originally posted by raffoboo View Post
    Does home depot sell parts like that?
    Please forgive me but you just made me spew Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

    Your best bet in finding that part would be to locate one of the Ridgid Authorized Service Centers that work on their wet/dry vacs. You can locate the one closest to you by going to and then click the Support icon at the top of the page. You'll then can narrow the list down to ones that are approved to work on wet/dry vacs as every Service Centers doesn't necessarily work on every Ridgid product. Confused yet?
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      I am parting out my WD 16650 blower vac. I have a used fan blade if you need one that's still on the motor unit. I know this is an old post but just throwing it out there to help you.


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        You have an old shop vac? I have been hoping to pick one up locally at a yard sale for cheap. I want to make a dust separator with it to put in line with my Festool CT-36 vac so I can catch the big stuff before it gets to the HEPA filter/bag. I've also though about being able to use a portable dust separator with the whole house vacuum system when doing jobs around the house. If I could plug a separator into the house vac I could keep from clogging it up with heavy debris and not have the noise of a shop vac in the house when doing a repair or whatever. I think one of those Dust Deputy separators that are made to mount on a 5 gallon bucket adapted to the hose size of a house vac would work, but use the shell of an old shop vac in place of the bucket. You get more capacity and built in casters for easier maneuverability.

        I'm not suggesting that you send or sell me yours, too far away, I am sure I will find one locally that will fit the bill.
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