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incra 1000se miter gauge storage

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  • incra 1000se miter gauge storage

    i just tuned up the 1000se that i got for christmas. i have a ridgid 10" contractor table saw (2412). where do owners of this accessory store it when not in use?
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    Re: incra 1000se miter gauge storage

    I leave mine right on top of my 3612 mounted in the miter channel. Been doing this for years without a mishap. I try not to use the top of my saw for a storage area so getting it banged and bumped around isn't a problem.
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      Re: incra 1000se miter gauge storage

      I have a tray that is attached to the left side of the stand that holds my second miter gage, ZCIs, push sticks, etc.

      Sears used to sell an accessory kit for their Table Saws that came with two baskets. I happened to be in Sears one day a couple years ago and they a set on the clearance table for $9.99 marked down from $19.99 so I bought them.

      You can see them here:

      One is mounted on my TS and the other on my RAS. I think you could easily make something similar to the one on the TS from wire shelving. It is open ended and just need two bends to make the shape. It's very handy.

      In fact, I just jumped over to the Craftsman site and they still carry these for $19.99

      Item# 00932040000
      Mfr. Model# 32040
      Keeps accessories, fence, table insert plates, project pieces handy and ready for use. Two 8-3/4 x 36 in. baskets; 1 open end, 1 closed end.
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