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  • R963

    Purchased this at Home Depot, as the 24 volt wasn't carried anymore. Wanted Li-ion, and the 6.5 inch circular saw, so this was close.

    Drill-driver is strong, but claiming light weight isn't too close, but I like the quality of the tools, so a little extra weight is acceptable.

    Also replacing an assortment of Ni-Cad power tools with different batteries and the need for frequent recharging when not in use.

    The "heavy duty" bag could use some improvement, as other then just standby storage, it needs internal pockets for drills, saw blades, tie downs for the charger and batteries, and padding and locations for the tools themselves.

    This set is replacing mostly DeWalt tools, so hope they work well.

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    Re: R963

    I think that you will be pleased with the X3 kit. I bought two of the R964 kits and went back and bought the R963 when Home Depot had the Ultimate Power Deal going on. The Hammer Drill is an impressive tool along with the circular saw (although it will chew through a battery quickly.) While I have a lot of lights that has come with kits, the fluorescent one that comes with this one is pretty cool.

    Hope you enjoy them.