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Comments on the Ridgid R4330 13" Portable Planer

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    Re: Comments on the Ridgid R4330 13" Portable Planer

    I have one.
    i can only say that it works

    I'm no woodworker by any means, but like an instant rider buys a
    Harley, I went silly on the big HD tool sale and instant rebate promo
    of last year. I got the 4330, the 3660, MSUV, and the JP 0610,
    2nd shop vac, dual stack compressor, and some other stuff.
    I wanted to make a bathroom vanity, and was tired of using a circ. saw
    and a guide to make "straight" cuts, and also tired of borrowing my dad's
    delta planer.
    I used it a few times, and I was happy with it. I don't have much to compare
    it to. I thought that the initial adjustment was a little off, and I dialed it
    in a little better , but it's still chinese, so there was only getting the outfeed/infeed
    so flush, if you know what I mean. It's loud, I'll give it that. I dunno if I
    saw the link on here, but I believe there was a video review that I watched
    that said it was a pretty decent planer. And for the price, even the
    Jointer I used about 4 times almost paid for itself.