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Can't Square Miter Saw MS1065LZA Blade to Fence

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  • Can't Square Miter Saw MS1065LZA Blade to Fence

    I recently purchased a MS1065LZA Miter Saw and am attempting to square the saw blade to the fence. The blade is not currently square so I follow the directions on Page 18 of the instruction manual. However I am having a problem:

    The instructions say "use the MITER SAW KNOB to move the table so that the blade contacts the full length of the framing square". What is the miter saw knob - the same as the miter lock knob? moving it does not move the table, just the lower mechanism. I can move the table by putting pressure on the two protrusions on either side of the scale but even if I move the table as far to the right as possible and tighten everything down, it is still not square and when I cut a 1x4 piece of wood the cut is not square.