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sacrificial top for radial arm saw

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    Re: sacrificial top for radial arm saw

    i finished tuning up my 41 year old (1968) sears 10" "radial 100" radial arm saw on sunday. replaced the top with a new top i got with the the recall kit(no, the blade guard doesn't fit, but the new table supports and table fit very well) and added a 1/4" MDF sacrificial top. made my first 90* cross cut and it is dead on accurate. the 90* crosscut makes for a great blade location indicator so lining up cuts will be quite easy and accurate. i can now make a 16" crosscut in material up to 1" thick. but, to increase the saw's ability to handle thicker stock, i would need to move the fence further into the table area to provide more blade clearance for pull cuts. has anyone ever added any type of auxiliary fence which effectively "pads out" the fence which is sandwiched between the table and the spacer board? any input would be appreciated.
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