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18V / 24V batteries interchangability

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  • 18V / 24V batteries interchangability

    Alright, so I have the 24V XLI combo kit, along with some MaxSelect tools. I recently acquired an 18V battery, and was testing out what it works with. Even though the worklight is labeled to only work with 24V batteries (R859), it worked equally well with the 18V battery in it (the actual bulb only gets 12V with either battery). I also put the 18V battery in the 24V drill and recip. saw, and it worked, although it appeared to have about 3/4th as much power.

    I know I've seen worklights advertised as MaxSelect, and it appears that the 18V and 24V worklights they put in the kits are all the same ones with different labels. Does anyone know if its safe to put 18V batteries in 24V tools? They're underpowered that way, so it seems to me like it shouldn't hurt it.

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    Re: 18V / 24V batteries interchangability

    I think it depends on the tool, I thought I remember hearing that the cordless vac will operate on either, just have better suction with a 24v. Don't know about the drills and saws though. Did you get your info from a product page or the owner's manual?


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      Re: 18V / 24V batteries interchangability

      The r859 flashlight is an excellent light to modify and use LEDs..You can get almost 30 hours of run time.

      Tucson has a detailed posting on this using a MR-16 base multiple LED.

      I also posted on that site information on a "bulb" using an LED that can actually be "plugged in" Just be sure you order the 12v lamp version.

      On the R849 flashlight you have 18v at the lamp socket and can order the above LED lamp in 18v rating.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: 18V / 24V batteries interchangability

        I actually already put an LED bulb in it, I did so last year before most LED worklights were available, and all my co-workers wondered why my worklight gave off a blue glow instead of yellow . I bought the bulb from, and it cost about 10 dollars, but unfortuantely its about the same brightness as the incandescent bulb.

        It (R859) gives 12V at the light socket with a 24V battery, and 18V battery. The standard bulbs they sell for worklights (I think DeWalt, Ryobi, etc., use the same bulb) all work off 12V, so I'm pretty sure almost all worklights, even the ones using 18V batteries put out 12V at the bulb. The 18V worklight R849 has 18V at the bulb?? I figured since the R859 is apparently MaxSelect, that they just stuck the same exact worklight in the 18V combo packs.

        I'm mostly wondering if its bad for a 24V tool to use a 18V battery. The tool is noticeably weaker, but 24V batteries are expensive, always nice to have an 18V laying around.


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          Re: 18V / 24V batteries interchangability

          I just read the user's manual for the 18V lithium Ion batteries, and it says at the top:

          "For use with RIDGID 18 V, 24 V and
          MaxSelect™ tools."

          So, Ridgid says 18V batteries are good to use in 24V tools, just you have reduced power. Just letting people know in case someone searches for this in the future.