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  • Sawsall R3002

    My new Recip Saw has a problem holding onto the metal saw blade that was included in the product box. Even when I'm trying to cut only a sixteenth inch thick sheet metal piece, the blade constantly pops out of the blade clamp! The wood blade seems to be okay. Any suggestions or should I just take it to an authorized service place?

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    Re: Sawsall R3002

    It sounds like you are not seating the blade all the way into the housing. Try giving the blade a little extra hard push when you insert it into the saw. This is a fairly common occurrence with tool less blade holders. Once you've gotten the blade holding mechanism broken in a little more this problem should go away.
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      Re: Sawsall R3002

      1. Try as BadgerDave suggests.

      2. Try some other blades as you'll need them sooner or later. Also, if you can try to remove the paint on the shank end of the blade and be sure the little hole which the retaining pin goes through is clean. Sometimes the hole gets plugged with paint or such.

      3.A little WD40 on the blade clamp may help.

      4. If worse comes to worse you might try exchanging your saw for another stating that your's was defective. Is it almost new? If yes and it's a Ridgid which I assume it is because of number, you can return it to Home Depot for another. I would try paint removal and hole cleaning of the blades first. This is not a problem with just one make or model of reciprocating saw. It's the blades that are the problem.

      A 9/64" drill bit for metal drilling is close to the correct size. Twist it and pass it through the hole in the blade. Then while twisting it wiggle it around in a circular pattern. That's should clean it out pretty well.

      To everyone: This is a long term issue and back when Milwaukee had a forum several members told about having the same issue. Cleaning the holes in your blades and paint removal on the shank helps.
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