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Hole saw not warranty?

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  • Hole saw not warranty?

    I was wondering how to register a hole saw set to have the drill bits repaired. Both bits that came with the set have bent from very minimal use and I can't seem to find the product in order to register it. Thanks.

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    Re: Hole saw not warranty?

    JUst my opinion, but I don't believe a set of hole saw blades and drills are covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Ageement (if that's what you're "registration" question is asking).

    For normal warranty issues, you probably have to contact customer service. If you've purchased these from Home Depot and you're still under their 90-day return policy (not Ridgid's) you could probably seek satisfaction there.

    But, these are what I would call "consumables" and normally if there is any warranty at all, it is against defects in materials and workmanship and NOT with what might be excused as normal wear and tear. (Blades and drill bits are rarely, if ever warranted to stay sharp, nor break for any period of time!) But, as you describe it, ("bent from very minimal use") that's probably the avenue you need to explore; and for that, directly contacting Ridgid's customer service or use whatever contact information was indicated on the package.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful,



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      Re: Hole saw not warranty?

      my guess is even if they would warranty it, send it in and wait and the shipping on it,
      you would be just as well off to go pick up the right size of replacement bit out of stock drill bits and keep drilling, and forget about messing with it, you may have to grind a small flat on one side to keep it so the screw can keep it tight,

      Just my opinion,
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        Re: Hole saw not warranty?

        Cutting tools once used are normally considered as expendables. Rather than get into loads of PITAs and howling sessions, you would be far better off to purchase replacement pilot drill bits. While I can't say if the big box stores stock them, normally a good ACE hardware store or an industrial supply house will. They don't cost much and it's wise to keep several new ones in your own stock for use as needed.

        If you can't find them locally, here is a good tool dealer selling them on their web site. LENOX = quality products

        Most likely you'll want a few of 4321 Pilot Drill Bit and 56PD Pilot Drill Bit and if you drill into drywall or such then try a 123CT Carbide Tipped Pilot Drill Bit

        I hope this helps. If you need/want them fast, I would check your local good hardware stores.
        Hint: Also check at local electrical and plumbing supply places.
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          Re: Hole saw not warranty?

          Back in my Mechanic days, I used Mac and Snap on drills and hole saws, and they would not warranty them at all, once used they were as others said, consumables.. Dp


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            Re: Hole saw not warranty?

            Thanks for all the replies. I'll most likely replace the bits first and then contact ridgid and hope for a free extra bit for the next time. Thanks for the link.