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  • R2600

    Anyone else have this problem: My R2600 had been a great sander until I noticed that the backer pad was just spinning at max RPMs rather than random orbit. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: R2600

    the obvious....if the sander is new less than 30 days old return it for a new one.
    the obvious....if the sander is older and registered exercise the warranty process

    the not so obvious....have you verified the mounting of 590936001 item #39 and 300527002 #41 are secured properly?

    you never indicated if this is a "used" tool purchase....Sadly I have found most "used" tools offered are sold for a reason, typically they have problems!

    Cactus Man


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      Re: R2600

      Thank you, Cactus Man! My sander was bought new, though I have lost the receipt. I e mailed Ridgid a few days ago to see if I had registered the purchase, but have not received a reply. The only part I can see that is damaged is #39, P/N 590936001 which I think is the brake skirt. Here again, I asked Ridgid what the brake skirt does, but have received no reply.