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Warranty scam

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    Re: Warranty scam


    You posted in your reply:

    "Only one comment, batteries are so cheap that it is laughable. Prove?"

    I think you misread my comment, what I said was that

    If you're implying that the "pay" is doing the necessary "paperwork" in order to meet the requirements of the LLSA, then I guess I can't agree with you, as that (often claimed as jumping through hoops) is such a minor effort that it's almost laughable.

    You could buy a cheaper tool from Skil, Black and Decker, and perhaps even Ryobi (the latter being part of the TTI Group which manufactures Ridgid and Milwaukie). But I believe that the replacement cost of batteries is relatively high, regardless of brand. Let's face it, batteries are just expensive! If that cost is a major concern, then "corded" tools are both cheaper to buy, and you never have to worry about batteries. (Our fathers and grandfathers managed to work well without the need for batteries, not that I'm implying any of us should... but we have to recognize that such convenience has both a higher upfront cost as well as an ongoing cost to keep them powered.)




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      Re: Warranty scam

      Originally posted by Darren1 View Post
      The lifetime warranty is a scam you have to jump through hoops to get it
      Interesting. No further comments from the original poster.