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table saw adjustment question

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  • table saw adjustment question

    in maintaining my ridgid 2412, i used my incra 1000se miter gauge to check all my allignments (blade to miter slot and fence to blade). i first set the miter gauge to 90* with a square i knew to be accurate. i then attached a dial indicator like this to the miter gauge:

    the indicator was attached to the miter gauge without the use of the magnetic base. when checking the blade parallelism to the miter slot with the miter gauge and dial indicator in the left miter slot, the outfeed (back) end of the blade is .003" further away from the right miter slot than the front edge of the blade. when checking the fence when it is to the right of the blade, it fades away from the miter slot by .002" as the indicator moves from the infeed edge of the table towards the outfeed edge of the table. so the blade and fence are .005" further apart at the outfeed side of the blade versus the infeed edge of the table. this amounts to 1/200th of an inch wider cut at the rear of the blade than at the front of the blade. as i do almost all of my ripping to the right of the blade, does this present a problem re: accuracy and kickback potential. comments appreciated.
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    Re: table saw adjustment question

    I don't think it would be much of a problem. You probably have just as much difference in the flatness of the saw blade. Though it never hurts to get everything as close as possible to parallel and square.
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