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Keyed Chuck Tightening

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  • Keyed Chuck Tightening

    I'm kind of embarassed for not knowing this, but I recently read that on a Jacobs chuck that requires a key for tightening all three holes should be tightened. I have always tightened only one keyway and that's wrong! All these years and I'm still learning.

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    Re: Keyed Chuck Tightening

    To ensure an even grip and to properly secure the drill bit from slipping you must
    evenly tighten each of the three holes in the chuck.

    We all have done the short cut of tightening only one hole but often, especially with a small bit it won't be centered and will wobble. This obviously will cause all sorts of problems.

    Another observation.."do not over tighten"

    Just Like in the story of the three bears and the porridge, it has to be "just right"

    Cactus Man