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Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

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  • Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

    I just purchased a new RD80903 3000PSI Pressure Washer and straight out of the box it ran beautifully. Fist pull start, nice power, However; when i went to use either of the front or rear mixing tanks, it failed me.
    Both of the tanks started to pull fluid throught the hose about half way then stopped. the hose then began to show water in the injection hose and there is stopped with half a hose of siding chemical and the other half of water. no matter which way i turned the knob, it produced the same results. I diconnected the hoses from the 3 way valve and drained the water and chemicals back to the tanks, verified they were not blocked, kinked or obstructed in anyway and tried again. It did the exact same thing and will not draw any chemicals into the unit for distribution out of the hose.
    Am I missing something here or is there a possibility that the mixing knob is broken? or is there some type of adjustment i can do to increase, decrease the suction?
    thx in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

    Are you using the black "soap" nozzle in the end of the wand?

    As a little test you might try water with a bit of food coloring in it in place of the detergent to see it that pulls through OK. It could be the chemical(s) are needing to be thinned down with water before use.


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      Re: Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

      I have tried both the black filter at the end of the hose into the bottle and i have tried to use the built in tank. The chemicals themselves are already Red and have been thinned according to the directions. I am able to see the flow of the red chemicals half way through the hose before they stop and then about 15 seconds later the water begins to backup from the injection housing and then it all stops.


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        Re: Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

        There is a check ball and a spring at the brass barb. Un-thread , clean/clear orifice. A fine wire may be needed.
        It is a simple venture effect of the water moving across the opening. You do not need to run the PW, just have the garden hose on. I have those lever ball valve shutoffs on the ends so it is easy to control water flow. Take the nozzle off to allow more water flow. You can even place the tube into the end of the wand to force water into the hose. Always run clean water before you store it.


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          Re: Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

          Good suggestions, Woussko and Andrew. I'll have to file those ideas around in my noggin' in case I ever need them for later.


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            Re: Ridgid 3000 PSI PW not Mixing

            I'm not too sure if this pressure washer has a wand where you can change nozzles. It may have an adjustable nozzle type wand.