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CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

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  • CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

    1) The drill, impact, radio, charger and two batteries where shipped in the RIDGID bag inside a box. There was no protective packaging material separating one tool from the other.

    The itmes came with some scuffs that could very well be due to inappropriate packaging. Some may have been caused by prior use.

    I called CPO and was told that it is the manufacturer who does the packaging.

    I know I know, after some use even new tools will have scuffs but still this is not acceptable.

    2) Batteries received were used. This is a concern because they could hold the charge and perform well but they might have a significant number of charge/discharge cycles that I think can't be detected.

    They are still warranted up to 1 year but because you can't recondition a battery pack, reconditioned kits should come with fresh batteries IMO.

    CPO told me that all batteries have a serial number so they can tell how old they are (a weak argument IMO) and that they are tested.

    3) All the items are tattooed with RECON on it. Not pretty but I guess necessary to prevent people trying to exchange them for new tools.

    4) I was able to stall the drill before the Autoshift would kick most of the time.

    CPO suggested to return the kit (they can't exchange one tool only, the whole kit needs to be exchanged) or to call RIDGID to exchange the drill only.

    They will email me with a shipping label ...

    ...and ship another kit on Monday...2x

    Hopefully after reading this people will set the right expectations and perhaps companies will make some changes to the way how they package/protect the tools for shipment.

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    Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

    Dragon.....I reviewed several of your posts as you proceeded through the review, question and decision making process. A couple of comments.
    1-The impact seemed to be your key tool. The performance differences between the various Ridgid impact models is huge. We have several of the 14.4V, the 18V(old style) and the Max Select 18/24V. Surprisingly the 14.4V is the superstar performer of this group. It simply runs circles around the others. The secret is in the specs. Do a search on this forum for more info.
    2-The LSA seemed very important to you, yet you gave it up when purchasing the reman kit. I agree with you that I would have no trust of used batts.
    3-I hate to suggest another product as we have made a strong commitment to Ridgid and generally they are good performers, however truthfullness requires that I suggest another search on "impact performance test". The short story is that the Makita was the star performer. We have worked with other contractors using their impacts and they tell us that they hold up well too. By the way the Ridgid Max Select impact came in dead last in the test.
    Good luck....Ray
    PS-I would send the reman kit back for a full refund and go with new.


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      Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

      1) Interestingly, I can't find the 14.4V one on the RIDGID website. My further search shows some info about it from 2006. Can it be purchased these days?

      2) 3) + PS) Yes, LSA was important because some get it and some don't (not too much logic there). Oh well..I paid for the kit less than a cost of one 24V Ridgit battery.

      If I make money with the tools I would give it much more thoughts, that is for sure. I would do as you suggest and get a new kit with LSA. Now, I can't jsutify $400-700 for a new combo kit or whatever the price is.

      Thanks for your suggestions!


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        Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

        When you buy reconditioned tools you should not expect them to be in "new" condition. Reconditioned tools come from many places and one of the main places that these tools come from are returns to the store or to the manufacturer. The tools are tested and if needed repaired and sold at a discount. There is nothing wrong with reconditioned tools but you must know you are getting a discount for a reason.


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          Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

          I have been buying reconditioned stuff for years, not tools but electronics. All the reconditioned stuff was properly packaged for shipping often times in original boxes, outside covers where replaced with new ones and batteries where always new (for a reason).

          Actually, I have bought several Sears air compressors, reconditioned. All looked like new, unused.

          All recon. RIDGID tools sold by HD have new batteries.

          You CANNOT test battery to see how many charges they have had. If you keep the tool for 30 days, charge it 5 times a day, and return it to be sold by CPO that battery's lifspam is only 3/4 of the new now.

          CPO should clearly state the condition of the tools and not to assume that we know.

          You are mistaken reconditioned with pre-owned!

          Actually, CPO would have to turn the commutators and replace brushes to return the tools to its original spec. You know that they do not do it. They sell pre-own tools, not reconditioned.

          Found this review which aligns with my sentiment:

          Selling used batteries is hurting RIDGID reputation!
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            Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

            I spoke to CPO again about the situation. I got several options to choose from to resolve all my concerns. I have to say that CPO is top a notch company to deal with (open 7 days/week). I keep my fingers crossed.
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              Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

              I have bought many reconditioned tools, from paint sprayers(which came with the paint splatter on them) to saws and many other power tools. Almost all of them had some sign of use. Reconditioned does mean previously owned in some instances. As already stated reconditioned tools are tools that have been returned for whatever reason and the company repairs them to "like new" working condition. You are right that the batteries might only have 75% of their life left, that is why you only pay 50 to 75% of the tools new price. You can't expect to get brand new perfect tools for the discounted price. That is just silly to think like that. If you want brand new batteries then pay for them, if you want batteries that are gaurantied to work like new at a discounted price then buy reconditioned. They give a warrenty, some 3 months and some a year so you won't get junk sent to you. You are correct that they should be packaged good and everything I've bought has been, which includes a lot of stuff for CPO. Some of the stuff I have bought came with scratches and scuffs but worked great. I can live with some cosmetic blemishes for the money that I save. When I buy reconditioned I expect like new tools, if I want brand new tools I spend the extra money and get brand new tools.

              Glad to hear that CPO is going to work with you but if you decide to save the money and get another reconditioned kit don't expect brand new like you did for this one.


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                Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

                I will expect new batteries unless it is specifically stated that they are used, I don't think it is silly, especially since other companies sells RIDGID tools with new batteries.

                I can put my 3y old car battery back on the shelf and no one will notice that it is 1/2 dead until it dies "prematurely". Batteries are supper cheap while sold with mega profits!

                Also selling reconditioned tools with used batteries is bad for the manufacturer. If perfectly working tools have to be returned or not working properly because the batteries are old, that can create bad reputation.

                If you get such set, you can't even tell if all is working fine with full throttle.

                If you get 2 new packs, chances are that one will be 100% good and you can test the tools and see how they perform.

                There is no excuse including used batteries into the reconditioned kits. Even if they state that they are used. It is not worth the savings, the extra trouble shipping tools, batteries back and forth in order to figure out what the heck is wrong. It costs my time and energy, CPO's money and RIDGID's reputation.

                Now, based on my experience I can start a new thread and say RIDGID drills sucks, no torque. That would really help the company!

                If they are stuck with bunch of returned packs, sell it cheap and move on.

                I agree with all your points but can't agree on the batteries. It is cool that you know how things works and what to expect, but remember, many hobbyists/DYI are new to cordless world and will enter it via reconditioned tools. That is a good strategy, once they are in, chances are they will buy tools from the same manuf. Don’t let the extra profit ruin it for you.
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                  Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

                  I hope you find what you this life or the next.........


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                    Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

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                      Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

                      Thank you for sharing your experience with the recon tool buying. Personally I have always thought that buying a recon tool was a big gamble because if it came from the factory defective once, how much hope is there in it being repaired to a "brand new" and reliable condition. With the economy, I was recently tempted to buy a recon tool but now I think I will stick to my original thoughts. I cannot gamble with the quality of the tools I use to make my living and which may reflect upon my reputation.


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                        Re: CPO Reconditioned Cordless Tools - good & bad

                        You are very welcome, I am glad I could help. I am hoping to help people like you, RIDGID, and CPO by writing about my experience.

                        However, let me assure you, CPO stands behind the products they sell. I got the kit from them very fast, shipped the same day I ordered, and they where ready to send a replacement the next business day (I talked to them on the weekend). When I spoke to them they did not lack curtsy and professionalism.

                        They are also opened 7 days/week so you can get things going much faster than dealing with RIDGID who is not opened on weekends.

                        Remember that after 30 days things might have been different, I do not know. They would likely ask me to ship it back on my expense before they do anything.

                        As mentioned on some different thread, as a PRO, you need to have backup, but I don't have to tell you that. Things can go wrong with new tools too.