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TS3650 miter question

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  • TS3650 miter question

    How do I take the play out of the miter gage/slot on my saw?

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    Re: TS3650 miter question

    On the stock miter gauge, you can use a nail-set and a peen hammer to dent out the sides a tiny bit. If you go too far, use a metal file to file the dents down.
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      Re: TS3650 miter question

      You might want to consider replacing the stock miter gauge with an aftermarket model. Incra has a couple of very good ones that won't break your bank account.

      Incra V27

      Incra V120
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        Re: TS3650 miter question

        I dented the sides of the stock miter and it work just fine, but eventually the dents wore out. I ended up buying an Incra V27 and it's great and, when you think about it, it costs less than a decent quality blade but it looks like it;ll last longer than the blade.
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          Re: TS3650 miter question

          Buy one from Rockler, free shipping. Coupon code: V9773
          Ends *today* 7/15/09.

          Or, buy it from Lee Valley, who also has free shipping until 7/19/09.
          No code needed.

          I picked up the V27 at one of their in-store sales a while back for $39. It's very, very nice for the sub-$50 price. The slop is adjusted out by some expansion rings. I use it on my TS, bandsaw, and disc sander.