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How did they do this?

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  • How did they do this?

    I bet they used clear fishing leader to keep it from falling over. Anyway here's proof that the little Subaru Robin can take serious shaking and not fall apart. The mystery is what keeps the tamper from falling over.

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    Re: How did they do this?

    I believe its stable on its own. I have used a motorized tamper before and all you really have to do is guide it around. very stable.



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      Re: How did they do this?

      Josh, I bet you're correct on that.


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        Re: How did they do this?

        there is no magic in this. It self-corrects itself with every impact. First of all you have a giant gyroscope - the flywheel, and second, when it starts tilting and center of gravity moves closer to the edge of the foot, gravity pulls it down while impact pulls that side of the foot up, making it horizontal again.

        I suggest you read this - that's some real "magic".


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          Re: How did they do this?

          ummmm... I just readed dat artickal and I aint gut no idea what it said.
          I thunk it said sumpthings bout stuff goin up n down and stuff.

          It remembers me of a queshton I haded on ma GED test. Sumpthings bout a appel fallin on sum dudes head and he haded a reaction so i thunk hes gut alergizes and stuff
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