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Ridgid Framing Coil Nailer

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  • Ridgid Framing Coil Nailer

    Hi there ,new here. What type of nails would be used in the ridgid coil framing nailer, what degrees. I need to nail up some hardie boards.Thanks Glen.

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    Re: Ridgid Framing Coil Nailer

    If you are talking about the R350FCA, then it says on the Ridgid page for this nailer:
    • Fastener type: 15 degree wire-collated full round-head coil
    • Fastener diameters: .099 - .131
    • Fastener range: 1 1/2" to 3 1/2"
    • Magazine capacity: 300 max
    This info should also be in the owner's manual as well. I do believe that this nailer also comes with a fastener's guide that lists the various nails to be used with specific models.


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      Re: Ridgid Framing Coil Nailer

      What would really be helpful is if there is another popular framing nail gun that is equal to this one so when I looked to buy nails and it says "Works with ------" I would know that it works with the R350FCA.
      I'm glad they are finally available in the US. Where is a good place to buy nails that fit this unit, has anyone had any success? Are the ones off ok?