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  • Ridgid R4511

    Has anyone had any experience with the Ridgid R4511 table saw with the granite top? If so, is this a good saw in your opinion?

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    Re: Ridgid R4511

    Quite a few of us have the R4511. For the money it seems to be quite a nice saw. I am a hobbyist and do a lot of DIY around the home projects, but the saw has the accuracy for some fine woodworking as well. The only reason I could see wanting to step up to a 220V 3hp TS would be to cut 8/4 hardwood lumber on a fairly steady basis.

    Things that appealed to me besides the price point, was the hybrid design with the 3/4 cab and enclosed motor, which makes a huge difference in dust control vs a contractor unit, and cabinet mounted trunnions. The fence for me is a big upgrade from my old craftsman, and the riving/splitter is a nice safety device.

    I use a RAS or my miter for crosscutting so I wasn't concerned about chipping the granite with the miter gauge, which if you take off the T slot foot it can slide in from the top.

    Squaring the table top and fence are much easier than table mounted trunnions on contractor saws and the fence is easily adjusted for square and locks tight.

    With a Freud Industrial thin kerf ripping blade in mine everything I have cut has fed and cut very smoothly with no bogging or even change in motor sound. I think the cabinet mounted motor is somehow more effective at power transfer because of the shorter belt.

    All in all a nice saw and unless I upgrade to furniture making, which I doubt, I will keep this saw.

    FYI, if you post in the woodworking forum you will get more response I think.


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      Re: Ridgid R4511

      just put 4511 in the search function and stand back.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Ridgid R4511

        By most accounts this is an excellent saw with a shiny granite top but, by some accounts, it also suffers from the granite top. A lot of people are on the fence about the granite.

        If that saw was offered with a cast iron top then my 3650 would be on CL right now.

        Here's one user's opinion (about 1/3 way through the thread)
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