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3300 PW not pulling chemical

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  • 3300 PW not pulling chemical

    I'm having the same problem that others are having with the PW's not pulling chemical from the bottle. I even took apar the injector section to see if it was plugged. It looked excactly like the CAT Pump schematic, so I put it back together. Still would not pull chemical, and YES, I was using the low pressure SOAP nozzle and also tried the RIDGID multi-nozzle which has 2 low pressure soap/chemical application nozzles.

    I did find out how to get it to work, although not the preferred method that it should work. If I open the wand up fully (sqeeze the trigger all the way) then slightly close the trigger a little at a time, it slowly decreases the nozzle output and finds a happy pressure sweet spot and magically the chemical starts sucking thru the injector, and I must say, at a fairly fast rate. I didn't have time to test it with a gallon of water to time how long it would take to use up a gallon of chemical. I'll do that on my next use.

    Now this issue seems to be a over pressure issue, since the higher pressure nozzles will not pull from the injector and with the pump not running and only using inlet water pressure, it will not pull chemical due to the pressure is too low, although it does pull about 1/2-1 inch of fluid up the tube the instant the wand is opened when only using inlet water pressure. Is there a way to adjust or tune the pressure when using the soap nozzles, or is the inlet pressure too high, or is the engine running faster than it should possibly building more pressure than it shoud?

    Anyone else gotten this thing to work? Other than that, the high pressure side of things, this is a great machine, and I must say for those who are looking for one, Search HD's for the carb version of the 3300 as they are clearing them out for only $299!!!

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    Re: 3300 PW not pulling chemical

    One of two things come to mind...... I have a different PW, but one problem I've had is having the detergent hose too high up for the detergent to pull. Of course this was fixed by routing the pickup hose lower so things were helped more by gravity. 2nd thing that comes to mind might indeed by an over pressure problem. When I bought the machine I have I tried using one of those rotating car wash brushes, but the low pressure detergent mode wouldn't engage. Seemed like the machine was putting out too much pressure even at idle/low pressure for detergent to be pulled into the brush. I bought another spinning brush made for a higher psi machine and it works great. You might be onto something here. Maybe the supplied detergent nozzle isn't adequate for the psi. Later!


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      Re: 3300 PW not pulling chemical

      I had this problem after it had worked fine the first time I used it. A couple of days later when I tried to use it, it wouldn't pull chemical. I took the small hose nipple out of the injector where I discovered there is a very lighweight spring and a ball bearing. The ball bearing had stuck to the o-ring seat below it and would not allow the injector to draw. I got the bearing un-stuck, put it back in and it worked fine. Pay attention to how the spring is installed. It is sort of cone shaped.. This may be your problem too..


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        Re: 3300 PW not pulling chemical

        Most people that I knowen that do pressure washing for a living or as part of their work don't bother with these things most often they are a gimmick & don't work. Use a pump up spray can used for bug, weed & tree spraying. I have a commercial Landa Pressure washer & wash 11 big apartment buildings every year. I also have a hot & cold Landa pressure washer I used to use for auto detail work & both have this ability I found it more of a hassle then something I really wanted to use. A pump can is the way to go.