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Cleaning/smoothing the r4511 table

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  • Cleaning/smoothing the r4511 table

    I just bought a r4511 and am in the process of assembling it. Everything is going OK except the main table has a couple of rough spots on the surface. They are near the edge by the holes for attaching the side tables, so I assume it is some epoxy that was used to glue in the threaded inserts. What can I use to remove this stuff (whatever it is)?

    Also when I was tightening one of the side tables a corner began to chip. When I snugged the back nut I heard a pop/crack, so I stopped tightening (I really didn't tighten it all that much). Now where the main table and side table meet (in the left rear) a small chip (3/8") has formed in the top corner of the side table. It doesn't seem to be loose but this area sticks up slightly and may grab wood as it's pushed on the table. How can I smooth this spot?

    Thanks, Mike