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Ridgid Drill NIGHTMARE - Lithium Ion Battery

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    Re: Ridgid Drill NIGHTMARE - Lithium Ion Battery

    when are people going to learn that home depot sales people dont know jack s---t!


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      Re: Ridgid Drill NIGHTMARE - Lithium Ion Battery

      Originally posted by Hart View Post
      I too purchased the R86006 Drill with the two Lithium batteries a while back and I was sure to register the product for the lifetime warranty. Im posting in this thread to find out if my problem is an isolated incident or a widespread issue.

      About every 4-5 months of regular use the batteries will become completely useless (meaning they will not hold much of a charge and barely turn the chuck on the drill) unless i put the batteries in my ridgid flashlight (it will provide hours of light). To remedy my problem I take my drill, charger, and both batteries to my local HD and pay a refundable deposit to have them sent out for examination/repair at the nearest service center, and they always come back with two brand new batteries and i go on with my life.

      Im thankful for the warranty, but it just doesnt seem right that the batteries only last a short time before they completely crap out. i know its not the drill because if i pop in a friends battery the drill runs like new, and the replacement batteries always work wonderfully... for a while. if anyone can provide feedback on this issue it would be much appreciated. ill be taking the drill in later this week to be serviced (aka new batteries) for the 5th ish time since i purchased it.

      thanks again in advance

      edit: it turns out theres an entire thread on this issue and sorry for posting here when i should have looked a little while longer. still though if anyone has additional information or comments about this issue id be interested to see how others feel about this problem.
      Hart.....Something does not sound right here. We are a contractor and have a bunch of Ridgid 18V Li tools and the performance and battery life have been excellent over the last three years. We use and abuse our tools hard every day. A couple of points.
      1-I would find a Ridgid service center in your area and personally take the tools in and make sure he tests the drill and charger to insure neither are damaging the batts. You could get away from that deposit stuff that you are currently doing at home depot.
      2-Ridgid LI batts will self discharge which can lead to damage if they discharge to low and then lie around. We use and recharge ours every day, so have no issues. If yours are not charged on a regular basis I suggest charging at least once per month.
      3-I see you live in Ohio. With the Nicad batts, our people could leave them in the trucks overnight with minimal problems. LI batts do not deal with being left out overnight in cold weather. Once it gets below 40 degrees, our guys bring the LI batts inside overnight.
      4-The batts that probably came with your drill are the small 1.5Ah. Thats what came with ours and they have been very good performers, however if you are doing much big holesaw or forstner bit drilling you might want to try the 3Ah batts as they greatly increase the performance of the drill.
      I hope this is helpful.......Ray


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        Re: Ridgid Drill NIGHTMARE - Lithium Ion Battery

        thanks ray ill look up the service center and take it to them personally to make sure theres nothing wrong with the rest of the equipment. and i use the drill almost every day at work (when its working correctly) and i always brought the batteries in during cold weather because i had heard it was bad for them. but that didnt seem to help any at all... /shrug but yes they are the smaller lithium batteries that came with the drill. i have a ni cad 3ah battery i use all the time and ive never had a problem with it on the same charger so i dont know what to do! well i guess its true... you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself... im on a road trip i guess! thanks for the input and hopefully i can get this straightened out.
        - Hart -

        p.s. in my case if were going to just rate the drill... its a hellova powerful cordless, just need to work out the kinks with my batteries i guess.