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3650 Table Saw noise

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  • 3650 Table Saw noise

    I have had this table saw for about 2 years. It works great.
    I notice a knocking noise.
    The blade runs true, I changed the blade also added a stiffner an had no effect.
    If I disconnect the motor it runs as quite as a mouse.
    I cannot feel any play in the arbor.
    Belt looks undamaged.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

    Any dust imbedded in the pullys???


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      Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

      I didn't see dust in the pulley. I'll check that. Thanks for the suggestion.


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        Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

        1. Be sure power cord is unplugged

        2. With belt installed try hand turning the motor shaft and carefully look at the belt.

        3. It wouldn't surprise me if the belt has hard or soft spots in it which can cause strange noises.

        4. Try feeling the belt with your fingers all over. Try to find any high or low spots in it.

        5. Rotate both the motor shaft and arbor by hand and see if there is any wobble at all. Look at the pulley grooves too.


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          Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

          when i heard the knocking noise from my saw, it turned out to be the arbor pulley. the set screw had loosened and the pulley was moving off the arbor shaft towards the left side of the saw (when addressing the saw from the operator's position). moved the pulley back towards the arbor and no more noise.
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            Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

            Process of elimination.

            Remove one suspect item at a time and run the saw. If no change then restore and try another. Of course you have to THINK when you do this an be sure not to do something unsafe, and stand clear when running the saw so you are not in the line of fire.

            Try removing items like:
            Throat plate
            Blade AND washer AND nut
            Blade Cover (outer half)
            Belt Guard (piece A)

            Check the following:
            Both blade cover latches are secured.
            Belt does not rub (at speed)
            ZERO Blade wobble (replace, a stabilizer will not fix this if present)
            Sawdust chute is tight

            Your best bet is to refer to the parts sheet to ID these parts if you have trouble locating them. See the TS-3650/3660 Assembly Tips thread for links to the PDF files.
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              Re: 3650 Table Saw noise

              Thanks everyone for you suggestions. I will carefully do as suggested.