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MS1290LZA Dustbag

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  • MS1290LZA Dustbag

    Bought the 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw yesterday.
    I found out rather quickly that the dust collection system does not work. The dustbag was as empty after using the saw all afternoon as it was when i unpacked the new saw.
    The elbow and bag are installed as shown in the manual.
    Is there a update regarding this issue.
    Thanks for all help and info

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    Re: MS1290LZA Dustbag

    Yep.....and unfortunately no one else makes one that is functional either. We have had the same saw you just purchased for a couple of years and the dust collector is worthless unless we have it hooked into our shop dust collection system. We have a couple of Makita miter saws and they have the same issue's. Virtually every brand of miter saw I have used has the same problem. I believe if you did a search on this forum you would find many posts expressing the same frustration. Some posters have claimed a benefit by hooking a shop vac to the port. Good luck...Ray


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      Re: MS1290LZA Dustbag

      Dust collection on almost all miter saws from all manufacturers...................pretty much nonexistent as they come from the factory. Ridgid is certainly not alone here.
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        Re: MS1290LZA Dustbag

        I get it......but it's such a large'd think at least some dust would end up inside it.
        Thanks for the reply's. At least now i know it's not just me installing the the elbow and bag wrong.


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          Re: MS1290LZA Dustbag

          Nope, not wrong, it's just best to use a wet/dry vac.

          Methinks, since they all don't work worth a crap but they still all include them, is that the primary design reasons is that the "dust collection" port is there and is primarily intended to be hooked up to a vaccuum / actual dust collection system. I think the bags are just included as a special "why not" accessory, so that there's at least something to put on there if you're not going to bother hooking it up to an actual dust collection system.

          I think if the bag wasn't included, then people would whine, stating that the manufacturer is trying to force them to also pony up for a dust collection system. So, the bag, useless as it is, is there to shut people up pre-emptively.

          Just a little theory of mine.