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  • Grad Project Survey

    Hi, My name Francisco and i am working on my grad project for school. I am majoring in Industrial Design. If i can get you to fill out this survey to help with my project. Thank you for your time.

    please copy and answer questions.

    1. What is your sex?
    2. What is you are?
    3. What is your job title?
    4. Hour spend on the job?
    5. What vehicle manufacture you drive to/for work?
    6. Do you haul a trailer for work?
    7. If yes, is it a conventional, cargo, fifth wheel trailer?
    8. Do you haul your tools in the trailer?
    9. What brand of tools do you own?
    10. What brand of power tools do you use on the job?
    11. If a brand of power tools were sold in a package, design to fit your line of work. Would you purchase it?
    12. If no, then if it was covered in monthly payments and covered by warranty would you reconsider?
    13. If there was a trailer built for your line of work. Would you purchase it?
    14. If no, why?
    15. With technology on the rise and other alternatives for energy, would you consider switching for the new and leaving the old behind?
    Any comments:

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    Re: Grad Project Survey

    If you are actually in grad school, your four year school sure failed to do its job!!


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      Re: Grad Project Survey

      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.