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Replacing my bad 18V Nicad

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  • Replacing my bad 18V Nicad

    I have read a ton of posts on how to Zap, Jump condition these batteries.

    I bought a 5 pc kit and registered for the LSA. I have called the 1800 # and they seem to bounce me around.

    Can someone tell me the official way to get these LSA bateries replaced?


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    Re: Replacing my bad 18V Nicad

    i would contact a local authorized repair shop. you can find them under the support tab on the ridgid home page. if you have a confirmed lsa registration, let the repair facility tell you what to do. as batteries are included in the LLSA and the first 3 years warranty, they should be repaired or repaced for free.
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      Re: Replacing my bad 18V Nicad

      Finer is correct. Just take your LSA number into the service center. You might want to call them ahead of time to avoid two trips if they want to see anything else. That said, I apologize for your getting bounced around on the phone. The direct toll free number for power tools is 866 539-1710 but either number should get you there.