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Max battery charger question

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  • Max battery charger question

    We have a double Max battery charger. One of the batteries died and I went to purchase a new battery. The only battery they carry now is the Lithium. The store clerk couldn't answer my question....Can I charge the lithium battery on my double charger (old battery was the Max HC #130254003). Help as I don't want to buy a new charger if I don't have to.

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    Re: Max battery charger question

    NO! you'll destroy the battery and/or the dual charger.
    The lithium-ion batteries use a specifically marked single charger.

    Do a search and you'll read all sorts of battery discussions.

    Also check E-bay for 18v 1.9ah and 2.5ah nicad batteries

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Max battery charger question

      Thanks Cactus Man, really appreciate the information. Just purchased the battery I need on Ebay.

      You would think there would be a big sign on the lithium batteries telling you not to use the old charger.

      Have a great day!


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        Re: Max battery charger question

        Well this is the fault if Ridgid!!!!!
        If you look at a variety of Ridgid single battery chargers offered on E-bay you can enlarge the photos.
        Some have a small decal on the lower left side just above "Ni-Cad rapid max"

        It simply says "Lithium Ion" The chargers without that decal/label should not be used to charge Lithium-Ion batteries.

        Other than that all the single battery charges look the Be aware of this when you upgrade to the Lithium Ion batteries.

        I use the 3ah Lithium Ion battery and have found superior to the 2.5ah Ni-Cad battery.

        The Lithium Ion is lighter in weight, charges faster/better, seems to last longer under load...
        but when it's "empty" needing a charge it simply "stops/quits" While the Ni-Cad slows down and can possibly be damaged if run too long in a discharged condition; we all want to get that last screw in before pulling the battery!

        Cactus Man


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          Re: Max battery charger question

          Once when I was visiting the Grand Canyon I pulled to the side of the road and walked across to the rim side to get a better binocular view of a California condor nest. There was not a wall aong this section of the highway. A few minutes later a large motor home stopped and disgourged a litter of children and a couple parents. The children jumped out and ran across the road and started playing very close to the cliff edge. The mother sauntered across after gathering all of her cameras. She was aghast that there was no concrete wall along the cliff edge, and how could the authorities be so irresponsible. I mentioned that there were also hundreds of miles of trails in the park without walls or railings and that it would be an over whelming task to fence every cliff edge in the west. I was implying that in the face of obvious danger it is prudent for one to take some responsibility for their own safety.
          Kpare obviously recognised the potential risk of charging a LI battery on a charger not designed for it. The next step would have been to examine the charger for information regarding safe usage. EVERY single Ridgid charger we have in our inventory lists the model # for every battery that the charger was designed to be used with. Kpare's old Rapid Max Twin would NOT have listed the Model #'s for the LI batts as a battery that can be safely charged on it. In addition on every Ridgid battery in our inventory is listed the model number of each charger that the battery can be safely charged on. LI batteries only list the serial number of chargers designed to be used with LI batts. None of the Ridgid 18V LI batts would list Kpare's Rapid Max Twin charger. So, the necessary information to determine what batteries can be safely charged on which Ridgid chargers is shown on BOTH the battery and the charger. Sometimes we need to look in the obvious place and the answer is there....Ray
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